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Industrial Marketing Programmes

Industrial Marketing programmes are based on a system of Industrial Profiling – a way of enhancing the profile of industrial companies with the express purpose of creating greater interest and enquiry rates in the industrial/manufacturing industries using free at the point of publication media, e.g. magazines, webzines, directories, blogs, social media. This is comprised of the Industrial PR Programme and the Online Marketing Programme.

Industrial PR/Content Marketing

ID-Marketing focus on obtaining free promotional coverage, i.e. free at the point of publication. Traditionally this covered press relations, i.e. submission of material to printed media and that is exactly how we started. However, much has changed in 20 years and now we encompass and focus on the internet to a very significant degree under the broad heading of Content Marketing.

ID-Marketing creates product and application stores as well as company profiles and submits them to relevant publications and portals that can use them.

We write, we research and maintain databases, we distribute and we submit and we place material. Typically we write about a client’s widget or an application, then we send it to journals and websites that we believe will be interested to publish it. We also submit client profiles to directory sites.

Shouting about your products

We are your “voice in the marketplace”

What we do compares somewhat with a barker on a market stall – we “shout” your products in order to attract an interested audience. Think of us as “Your Voice in the Marketplace”.

By putting our clients “on the net” we ensure you and your products are easily found by searches on relevant sites and by search engines who can then list the results. We do not seek to manipulate search engine processes – simply to facilitate them by presenting material where it will be actively put forward to enquirers. So we do not claim to put clients “on page one” but that is usually one useful outcome.

Online Marketing Programme

True to our PR roots ID-Marketing have long considered our remit to cover anywhere that we can gain useful coverage for our industrial/manufacturing/technology related clients – free at the point of publication. Sometimes, as with the internet itself, that means allowing the bubble of “early adopters” to pass and for us to then offer a cost effective package specifically targeted at the needs of our industry sector.

Consequently we have developed a monitoring process for our PR activities which has also allowed us to gain a good insight into what else may be useful – our Online Marketing Program is a package of those activities which we consider useful and appropriate as a cost effective compliment to industrial PR.

Online Marketing and media cycle

Web profiling and marketing including support and advice to maximise cost effective activities across the internet. Generally carried out on a monthly basis.

Client blog –  set up  independent blogsite with product related URL, includes 1 year hosting, followed by writing and placement of 1 blog per week. Additional Blogs and or placements can be added as appropriate.

Industrial blogs – writing and placement of material on industrial blogs where available foc. The opportunities for these are increasing as publishers understand the benefit of having your blog material on their site.

Social media – Account set up across Twitter, Facebook – with fanpage, Youtube and Linkedin. Basic monthly package (can be enhanced) managing messages, links shared (5 pw) to blog/articles/research etc, accept/decline/follow requests, targeted audience building.

– Directories – From the early days of the internet we have taken it as part of our PR remit to put a client’s company profile onto free directories under our philosophy of “getting coverage wherever possible so long as it is free” – and it is a policy that has paid off handsomely – with directories now more important than ever and many online journals taking on a directory role.

– Microsites – Set up of a small website or sites for the purpose of separately promoting a brand or product – this not only spreads coverage but also provides a focus for additional blogging and social media activities.

electronic components

– E-mailings and newsletters – Regular updates to subscriber databases in support of blogging and product releases – also for specific promotions or events.

Client base:

Enclosures, machine components, adhesives, fastening and assembly, electronics manufacturing, aerospace supply/manufacturing, dispensing equipment, drainage, electrical power, visual inspection, cabinet hardware, manufacturing exhibitions, aerospace components, threaded fasteners, trade shows, sub-contract assembly, laboratory mixing equipment, rework and repair equipment, sales consultancy.

circuit board

Industries addressed:

Electronics, Electrical, Controls, Inspection, Manufacturing, Engineering, Packaging, Telecommunications, Panel building, Security, Health & Safety, Supply Chain, Fire, Motor Vehicles, Facilities, Construction, Internet communications, Laboratories, Processing

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