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Bedfordshire based PR company offers new promotional packages

Bedfordshire based ID-Marketing has developed a range of Press Relations packages to bring technical P.R. into the internet age. Says MD Ian Deavin “UK engineers and buyers have been very quick to see the advantages of online searches – they need answers quickly about technical issues and costing alternatives. We have geared our P.R. activities to ensure ID-M clients are well represented and easily found.” Says Ian “this means that information about our client’s products and services can be quickly seen on decision makers desktops.”

ID-Marketing – established over 16 years and growing out of the electrical-electronic-mechanical industries – provides a platform of classical printed media P.R. promotion complimented by internet publications and portals. Their portfolio includes specialist electronics, advanced adhesives, electro-mechanical components, access control systems, with experience in bio-sciences, automotive and retail related industries.