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Engineers seeking solutions 24/7/52 through online PR

In the days before the internet there was a received wisdom that industrial activity was seasonal and that industrial promotional activity should mirror that pattern. Explains Ian Deavin, M.D. at ID-Marketing “people used to avoid periods such as Christmas and August because it was thought that engineers were not interested in reading about new products or technologies at those holiday times. Interestingly one outcome from the availability of internet web traffic statistics has been an understanding that in fact these periods can be filled with activity to a similar level experienced the rest of the year – or even higher.” Continued Ian “consequently at ID-Marketing we believe that in the hi-tech industrial manufacturing sectors, companies will best be able to grow out of this downturn by taking advantage of the 24/7/52 information database available via the internet. This presents a great opportunity to those companies able to provide cost reducing or quality enhancing product solutions – simply by means of telling people about them online.”

ID-Marketing have specialised for some 20 years in B2B P.R. and Marketing to the hi-tech industries such as electronics or aerospace and also deal with technical, mechanical, manufacturing and general industrial or trade clients.