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ID-Marketing differentiate technical PR from mainstream media

The people at ID-Marketing focus very much on B2B P.R. and Marketing on behalf of the technology-related industries. They believe it is useful to clarify the differences between mainstream media Public Relations (P.R.) and Press Relations (P.R.) or industrial communications, for the business-to-business areas of manufacturing industries such as electronics, aerospace or specialist mechanical engineering. Explains M.D. Ian Deavin “We see technically based press relations as the creation of easily digested information regarding products and services. By presenting genuine information in a quickly assimilated way we are helping engineers to stay up-to date with developments and trends so that they can quickly solve problems in design or production. This presents a wider profile of possibilities which helps optimise the innovation cycle but is a process that contrasts strongly with the rather sceptical view of P.R. held by many engineers or sales people, derived from the public relations P.R. arena of mainstream tabloids.”

ID-Marketing work on the basis that information needs to be skillfully disseminated to enable it to be easily found – build a better mousetrap and people will NOT beat a path to your door – unless they actually need a mousetrap and know about yours! This is a genuine need – by putting information where it can easily be found P.R. is serving that need. People sometimes need to be told that a) mousetraps exist, b) some mousetraps are different/better/cheaper than others and which is which. A whole range of media publications have grown up to serve this need on a wider basis from the national press to Google, to a plethora of very small but very targeted technical publications.