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Home News ID-Marketing says “Be positive – it’s better for your business”

ID-Marketing says “Be positive – it’s better for your business”

ID-Marketing – P.R. and Content Marketing specialists to the high-tech manufacturing industries, continue to get positive feedback from the marketplace and see real benefits from continuing optimism. Explains M.D. Ian Deavin: “We are now hearing from companies of record months, even a record year and of high levels of enquiries. I noticed recently that apparently we are still the 6th largest manufacturing economy on the planet and the best results seem to come from companies that have nurtured and maintained their promotional activities through past difficulties – albeit in some cases with tactical trimming. Nonetheless, we see the economic cycle beginning again with a historical pattern showing 5 years of growth and 2 years of plateau/fall. Even so a 5 to 2 ratio of rise to fall is a brilliant opportunity for growth – especially when other global cycles support it. For example, we see a changing trend in manufacturing moving back home and a potential boost from sentiment following our UK election. On an internal front those companies with positive outlooks can have happier staff and lower staff churn, as well as the increased productivity that comes from a mature workforce.”

Further evidence comes from the number of companies now seeking to capitalize on the present market growth with new promotional campaigns. Ian believes that “this is all good stuff, but the growth cycle started about a year ago and those who had campaigns in place have already benefited. Newcomers need to start soon and energetically if they are to get full leverage from this new cycle.”