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ID-Marketing welcomes market growth and divergence

ID-Marketing M.D. Ian Deavin, after 20 plus years in industrial marketing, recently commented that “manufacturing industry has transitioned into new markets in the last couple of economic cycles. Electrical and Electronic markets grew into a Telecommunications and Internet boom but now we find many markets – once somewhat niche in character – have become core to manufacturing in general.”

ID-Marketing have found these markets include Medical & Laboratories, Disability & Homecare equipment, as well as Health & Safety equipment, Fire & Security equipment and Corporate Facilities. Recent exhibitions relating to these industries have highlighted the demand for manufactured products serving the needs of a changing demographic and a changed emphasis in company operations across the board. Additionally, these areas appear to have been virtually untouched by the effects of the recent “credit crunch”. Like all markets however, change is a continuing feature and equipment suppliers will continue to need an active profile to take advantage of these areas of demand. Ian Deavin again enthused “Not only is our manufacturing industry still apparently the sixth largest on the planet – all our clients confirm exciting growth this year – even record turnover”.