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Industrial PR Agency anticipates growth in 2010

ID-Marketing – long standing P.R. agency to the industrial/manufacturing sector – announced they are encouraged by present trends and news items, encouraging ideas of significant growth in 2010 for companies who have maintained their promotional activity over the past two years. Explained M.D. Ian Deavin “We believe that one of the major lessons learned in past recessions is that by maintaining vigorous promotional effort based on P.R. our clients have been able to better ride out the downturn and so to also better position themselves to take advantage of the anticipated upturn. As individuals we must ride the global trends, our clients cannot affect the size of the market itself – but they can markedly affect their market share with our help.”

ID-Marketing have some 20 years experience in this sector with client relationships almost as long across many technologies, so it is interesting to consider the development of P.R. in technology related industries over this period. Nonetheless, clearly this agency believes the underlying principles have not changed whatever new publishing capabilities have developed in the meantime.