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Industrial PR and Marketing – Free Seminar

Registrations are invited for a series of free seminars on “Industrial PR and Marketing.” held by the experienced technical PR agency of ID-Marketing. Explains M.D. Ian Deavin: “We have a way of working that has proven success, and frankly – it’s not magic or rocket science – but it is a matter of skilful hard work and is often now referred to as Content Marketing. I believe that many small companies who either mistrust the PR concept or who think they cannot afford it will find that they can do it for themselves, or will at least have the whole area de-mystified.”
The seminars propose to cover what works in Industrial PR and how to do it for yourself, or at least to de-mystify the whole thing – covering press relations vs public relations, keywords, directories, printed and internet media, press releases, features, building a database, web profiling, with “hands on” exercises. Other topics will be Marketing for Industrial SMEs – building a cost effective Promotional Pyramid – blogs, newsletters, website SEO, video, advertising, exhibitions and social media – with a guest Social Media Manager.
The ID-Marketing philosophy is that PR is cheaper and more effective than ever, PR is the cheapest promotion a company will ever do and that based on a solid foundation of PR a company can build the other major elements of online marketing, social media, exhibitions and advertising into a worthwhile long-term investment.

The one day free PR seminars are planned for 18th February, 20th May, September and October 2011 at a quiet relaxing venue near the ID-Marketing offices in Bedfordshire, with complementary networking lunch and free car parking.