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Home News Industrial PR & Social Media Marketing – 2011 seminars go out with a bang!

Industrial PR & Social Media Marketing – 2011 seminars go out with a bang!

Following the success of their present 2011 program of seminars, ID-Marketing, in conjunction with associate Lesley Whiteman Social Media, will be offering their last free seminar. In 2012 places will be charged at approximately £200 per head so this is the last opportunity for people to take advantage of a free seminar opportunity. Registrations are invited at www.id-marketing.co.uk/free-seminar-registration for a free seminar on 4th November on the subject of “Industrial PR and Social Media Marketing” held by the experienced technical PR agency of ID-Marketing. Explains M.D. Ian Deavin: “We are delighted that these free seminars are proving so successful for the delegates who all seem to go away with a much better insight into the roles of PR and Social Media in the industrial marketplace. This is very different from the mainstream perception and since we are an active and experienced company we are passing on what we actually do and what we know works – not just a theoretical training.”

Feedback includes the following from previous seminars:

“Possibly the best three hours training I have had in a very long time. Helped to focus on what can be done free or at reasonable cost, how to get the maximum benefit from minimum effort and convinced a sceptic of the need to use social media.”

“Thank you for an incredibly useful and informative day! We have already begun to brainstorm how we can incorporate your advice into our overall marketing plan. The information that we gained from this seminar is invaluable and I would highly recommend it!”

The seminar will cover the basics of Industrial PR and how to do it for yourself – press relations vs. public relations, keywords, directories, printed and internet media, press releases, features, building a database, web profiling, with “hands on” exercises. Other topics will be Marketing for Industrial SMEs – building a cost effective Promotional Pyramid – blogs, newsletters, website SEO, video, advertising, exhibitions and social media – with a guest Social Media Manager from the Associate Lesley Whiteman Social Media Agency.

The ID-Marketing philosophy is that PR is cheaper and more effective than ever, PR is the cheapest promotion a company will ever do and that based on a solid foundation of PR a company can build the other major elements of online marketing, content marketing, social media, exhibitions and advertising into a worthwhile long-term investment that will protect a company through the downs and leverage growth in the ups of the economic cycle.

This last free PR seminar will take place at a quiet relaxing venue near the ID-Marketing offices in Bedfordshire, with complementary networking lunch and free car parking. To register for the November seminar please go to www.id-marketing.co.uk/free-seminar-registration and for more information on this and related topics please see http://www.id-marketing.co.uk/, e-mail ideavin@btconnect.com or follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/tradeandtechpr. Places are limited on a first come allocation and to one person per company.