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Types of Media

The Internet

  • Web journals – editorial – written material with photo and video clips:
    – product information – application stories – feature articles – methodology pieces
    – white papers
  • Web directories – free entries of company profiles editorial where possible
  • Portals – sites that combine the functions of journals and directories together with searchability offering a major entry point to an industry.
  • Corporate Blogs
  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,YouTube etc
  • Web advertising – paid for but often linked in to editorial ,e.g. use of keywords and placement of banners adjacent to editorial material
  • Active link building
  • Elements of Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Printed Media

  • Product Information
  • Application Stories
  • Feature Articles
  • Methodology pieces
  • White papers

Traditional free editorial in printed journals is now often paired to sister webzines and generates interest which is channelled either direct to client or via the sister websites.

The Virtuous PR Cycle

  • Research possible stories, products, applications 
  • Client brief on story selected
  • Research and writing
  • Approval process
  • Sourcing of illustration
  • Generation of media list
  • Distribution of material
  • Publication of material
  • Reader attention
  • Interest in story
  • Web traffic
  • Enquiries
  • Sales
Printed and Internet Media Cycle