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New Top Tips from Industry Specialists

In their recent release of “Top Tips to Your Web Profile”, “Top Tips to Industrial Websites”, “Top Tips to Content” and “Top Tips to Social Media” ID-Marketing are adding to the existing series which includes such topics as Industrial P.R., Marketing, Advertising and Cost Saving.

ID-Marketing seek to offer simple proven tips applicable to industrial and manufacturing companies of all sizes – but perhaps most valuable to those without their own marketing department seeking either to do the job themselves or to get the best possible value out of a bought-in service and so punch above their weight.

Explains Ian Deavin, M.D. of ID-Marketing – “We believe in focussing on the priority issues so that promotional budgets achieve the greatest bang per buck. That is most easily accomplished by an educated understanding of the efficacy of the elements involved – something most small companies do not have the resources to achieve – so we are trying to help them fill that gap”. For free downloads click here.