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The people at ID-Marketing focus very much on B2B P.R. and Marketing on behalf of the technology-related industries. They believe it is useful to clarify the differences between mainstream media Public Relations (P.R.) and Press Relations (P.R.) or industrial communications, for the business-to-business areas of manufacturing industries such as electronics, aerospace or specialist mechanical engineering. Explains M.D. Ian Deavin “We see technically based press relations as the creation of easily digested information regarding products and services. By presenting genuine information in a quickly assimilated way we are helping engineers to stay up-to date with developments and trends so that they can quickly solve problems in design or production. This presents a wider profile of possibilities which helps optimise the innovation cycle but is a process that contrasts strongly with the rather sceptical view of P.R. held by many engineers or sales people, derived from the public relations P.R. arena of mainstream tabloids.”

ID-Marketing work on the basis that information needs to be skillfully disseminated to enable it to be easily found – build a better mousetrap and people will NOT beat a path to your door – unless they actually need a mousetrap and know about yours! This is a genuine need – by putting information where it can easily be found P.R. is serving that need. People sometimes need to be told that a) mousetraps exist, b) some mousetraps are different/better/cheaper than others and which is which. A whole range of media publications have grown up to serve this need on a wider basis from the national press to Google, to a plethora of very small but very targeted technical publications.

In the days before the internet there was a received wisdom that industrial activity was seasonal and that industrial promotional activity should mirror that pattern. Explains Ian Deavin, M.D. at ID-Marketing “people used to avoid periods such as Christmas and August because it was thought that engineers were not interested in reading about new products or technologies at those holiday times. Interestingly one outcome from the availability of internet web traffic statistics has been an understanding that in fact these periods can be filled with activity to a similar level experienced the rest of the year – or even higher.” Continued Ian “consequently at ID-Marketing we believe that in the hi-tech industrial manufacturing sectors, companies will best be able to grow out of this downturn by taking advantage of the 24/7/52 information database available via the internet. This presents a great opportunity to those companies able to provide cost reducing or quality enhancing product solutions – simply by means of telling people about them online.”

ID-Marketing have specialised for some 20 years in B2B P.R. and Marketing to the hi-tech industries such as electronics or aerospace and also deal with technical, mechanical, manufacturing and general industrial or trade clients.

ID-Marketing – long standing P.R. agency to the industrial/manufacturing sector – announced they are encouraged by present trends and news items, encouraging ideas of significant growth in 2010 for companies who have maintained their promotional activity over the past two years. Explained M.D. Ian Deavin “We believe that one of the major lessons learned in past recessions is that by maintaining vigorous promotional effort based on P.R. our clients have been able to better ride out the downturn and so to also better position themselves to take advantage of the anticipated upturn. As individuals we must ride the global trends, our clients cannot affect the size of the market itself – but they can markedly affect their market share with our help.”

ID-Marketing have some 20 years experience in this sector with client relationships almost as long across many technologies, so it is interesting to consider the development of P.R. in technology related industries over this period. Nonetheless, clearly this agency believes the underlying principles have not changed whatever new publishing capabilities have developed in the meantime.

ID-Marketing – specialists in B2B P.R. and Marketing to the hi-tech industries such as electronics or aerospace and also deal with technical, manufacturing and general industrial or trade clients, have been interested to understand how communication has changed in the B2B arena with the advent of the internet media. Comments M.D. Ian Deavin: “We could be forgiven for thinking that the internet and mobile phones have taken over from printed press with viral and other related marketing techniques. However we believe that printed magazines are definitely not dead and continue to serve a vital function in information transfer among design engineers and buyers.” Ian continues to explain “it seems that in the technology related sectors people are continually looking for solutions to design and manufacturing problems and P.R. through printed and internet editorial is fulfilling an important role in that process. This appears especially true where publishers run both printed and internet magazines in parallel where we believe there is a synergistic effect.”

Industrial P.R. agency ID-Marketing have seen it before explains M.D. Ian Deavin “of course each cycle of downturn and recovery is different from the last, but similar characteristics appear over time. One of these is the longevity of industrial products, their markets and the continuous drip-drip nature of successful promotion. P.R. with its regular spread of valuable information to engineers and buyers alike exactly fits the requirements of such a cyclic industry pattern. As a process it is effective enough for companies to base their promotion on, and cheap enough to maintain through downturns and crises. This underpins long-term growth while being completely flexible and can be ramped-up to accommodate specific corporate marketing criteria.”

The new agency website at www.id-marketing.co.uk expands on this subject giving insights gained over some 30 years of marketing technically related industrial products. As a marketing professional Ian has seen industrial promotion from both sides on many occasions over 30 years and has a record of “practicing what he preaches”, whether as a client or a “P.R.”. Visitors to the ID-Marketing blog may glean some basic simple principles that transcend the publishing changes from print to the internet.

Specialist technical PR agency ID-Marketing are pleased to announce that they have developed successful strategies for companies in the manufacturing industries to promote themselves using a mix of internet and printed media. Managing Director, Ian Deavin, says “our clients’ success proves our strategies work – we simply have learned to think like our clients’ customers. They use internet media especially in a very pro-active, problem solving way – we enable them to find solutions quickly together with our clients.”

ID-M PR packages include not only effective writing and presentation, but also use of well researched and developed databases. Together with simple systems these packages offer entry-level to full service Press Relations based promotions.

When the going gets tough ID-Marketing gets its clients going. Now established over 16 years ID-M has seen the full range of manufacturing decline over those years and yet has been a key part in growth of clients who have been associated with them for 10+ years and seen double digit growth year on year.

Originating as a traditional technical PR agency to the printed media, ID-M has recently announced proven packages of internet based PR. This re-modelling of client service includes web journals, portals, search engines, directories etc and often sees a significant degree of cross-linkage into traditional printed publications. Says M.D. Ian Deavin “we continue to provide a solid PR service into the printed media but saw the possibilities of the internet to provide low cost effective coverage on top of that. Work with existing clients proved that out. Even now we come across companies that do not understand the possibilities – so we really make life simple for them – except of course they have to deal with loads more enquiries!”

Established technical PR agency ID-Marketing advise that they have had great success in promoting clients across a wide range of internet portals, directories and search engines. This has been achieved by greatly increasing client exposure and careful attention to development of information profiles. Says M.D. Ian Deavin “we have seen clients climb quickly up the search rankings and generate increased web traffic by factors as high as 8 times. ID-M clients are primarily technical and manufacturing related so we are pleased that this kind of promotion has helped them to prosper at a time when UK industry as a whole has seen a major decline.”

ID-Marketing has seen growth and decline in manufacturing industry over its 16 years and its clients grow throughout that period. Now UK manufacturing is experiencing a mini-boom, they are delighted to offer new packages of promotional activities to those companies who are now seeking to invest in media coverage, with consequent enquiries and web traffic.

The Press Relations services of ID-Marketing include traditional printed media and now increasingly the internet media including e-zines and portals. This breadth of activity, with constant development into new areas, has been a significant factor in the sustained growth of ID-M clients. ID-M technical P.R. covers a variety of industries including: fastenings, components, power strips, adhesives, production equipment, electrical equipment, electronics, cabinet hardware, enclosures, drainage etc. Says MD Ian Deavin – “if you have a technical product or service then we should talk – as specialists in manufacturing related industries we like to work closely with clients to enhance their business in the long term.”

ID-Marketing, established over 16 years, is pleased to offer technical expertise in copy writing and Press Relations for traditional manufacturing industries such as electrical/ mechanical equipment, as well as packaging and the new industries of electronics and bio-tech are also included in their scope. ID-Marketing have found that their pro-active style across internet and printed media is effective for companies seeking greater market share in mature industries, as well as those seeking to establish themselves in growth markets. Clients have observed that the cost effective internet related promotions account for greatly more than half their enquiries – ID-M activities are geared to this customer response.