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Bedfordshire based ID-Marketing has developed a range of Press Relations packages to bring technical P.R. into the internet age. Says MD Ian Deavin “UK engineers and buyers have been very quick to see the advantages of online searches – they need answers quickly about technical issues and costing alternatives. We have geared our P.R. activities to ensure ID-M clients are well represented and easily found.” Says Ian “this means that information about our client’s products and services can be quickly seen on decision makers desktops.”

ID-Marketing – established over 16 years and growing out of the electrical-electronic-mechanical industries – provides a platform of classical printed media P.R. promotion complimented by internet publications and portals. Their portfolio includes specialist electronics, advanced adhesives, electro-mechanical components, access control systems, with experience in bio-sciences, automotive and retail related industries.

ID-Marketing have established themselves over the past decades as P.R. specialists in contacting engineers and buyers within the manufacturing sectors. ID-M recently reported successes with P.R. campaigns for products such as fasteners and mechanical components through to adhesives and specialist materials for advanced electronic markets. These successes are based, they say, on a balance between use of traditional media and newer internet based activities. Managing Director Ian Deavin says “we have spent a great deal of time getting to understand the internet. When websites for sourcing manufacturing components first came along we were early users and advocates. Now we plan a client’s P.R. campaign around the twin focii of printed press and web media.” The team at ID-Marketing explain that they believe in established values of clear technical writing, coupled with good communication, to ensure that not only is client’s material worth reading, but also it is widely available for access by engineers and buyers, who may need the information to solve their design or sourcing problems. With the present re-growth in U.K. manufacturing, ID-Marketing believe that their style of P.R. activity will be beneficial to other clients in that sector.

Are we seeing a mini-boom in the UK electronics industry? According to Ian Deavin, MD at ID-Marketing, this could well be the case if the successes of their recent PR client programs can be taken as a guide. ID-Marketing clients provide components and equipment into all levels of the electronic equipment supply chain and have seen increasing levels of interest in the past year based on technical PR campaigns. Generally focused on internet media, blended with traditional printed tech-press these are created to reach engineers and buyers with solutions to their problems.

Like their clients, ID-M offer high quality proven solutions. Says Ian: “We have nearly 20 years experience growing out of the 80’s component boom and long-term relationships with clients who consistently outperform their industry sector. So it may be that we take an especially optimistic view but it is closely based on performance.”