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Related Reports from I.D. Marketing

We have come across the following external reports which relate to industrial promotional activities in general. If you are interested in what we do then they are probably relevant.

Content Marketing for Industrial Marketers
This interesting whitepaper from Globalspec provides insights on: Goals and objectives that content marketing can help your clients achieve; Types of content industrial professionals desire at each stage of the buy cycle; The challenges of content marketing and how to overcome them.

B-2-B Marketing Fundamentals don’t change
While technology, communications channels and media usage habits change over time, the fundamentals of profitable business-to-business marketing do not. In this excerpted video from a live staging of the classic McGraw-Hill “Man in the Chair” ad at the Business Marketing Association’s 2009 national conference, BMA drives home the fundamental similarity between how buyers and sellers built awareness, credibility and business relationships 50 years ago and how they continue to do so today, albeit with many new and revolutionary tools and techniques at their disposal. 

Industrial Marketing is not Consumer Marketing
Of all the strategies that manufacturers could use today to grow their businesses, industrial marketing is perhaps the most important, yet least understood strategy. Read this report from Manufacturing Net.

2011 Industrial Marketing Trends
How Manufacturers are Marketing today – get an inside look at how companies are spending their marketing budgets within today’s industrial marketplace with this report from GlobalSpec.

How does Social Media fit into your overall marketing strategy?
Is social media really a viable way for industry to reach potential customers and generate brand awareness? This report from Globalspec includes a 5 step checklist to go through before beginning or expanding any social media efforts.

How does your 2010 online marketing budget compare to 2009?
The majority of industrial marketers will invest more in online marketing this year than they did last year, according to the GlobalSpec 2010 Marketing Trends Survey.

Why your website isn’t enough
Your company may have a robust, full-featured website, complete with a searchable online catalogue, product specification sheets, technical articles, intuitive navigation, a site map and more, but in the digital age having a great website isn’t enough to help you rise above your competitors. See this article from Marketing Maven.

Eight Tips for Better Blogging
Blogs are becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix for industrial companies. 26% are currently making use of a company blog and 35% are planning to implement a blog in 2010 according to this article from Marketing Maven.

Five Steps to Implementing a Content Strategy
Your potential customers want access to content that helps educate them, improves their decision-making capabilities, and increases their confidence level in their final purchase decision. Read this article from Marketing Maven.

Becoming invisible is dangerous
This article in the April 2010 edition of Modern Building Services very much echoes my own thoughts on the dangers of making cuts in marketing expenditure.

Content Marketing – definition
“Content Marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” Read this article from the Content Marketing Institute to find out more.

Globalspec – Preparing for Economic Recovery
How industrial sector companies can successfully emerge from the downturn.

Globalspec – Industry Trends & Research for Industrial Marketers
GlobalSpec White Paper reports on industry.

Financial Times – Beat the downturn
Financial Times report on advertising in a downturn.

Industrial Technology 2009 Readership Survey
Every now and then I come across some research that seems to give a really good insight into the tech’ media. The Industrial Technology 2009 Readership Survey is worth a look – brief and to the point.