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power supply cabinetsAdvertising

Based on our knowledge and understanding of the technology media we are able to assist clients in the planning and execution of strategic advertising schedules. Experience has demonstrated it is possible to achieve a major boost to results from relatively modest budgets when advertising is linked to an existing PR program. Such an advertising schedule may include: banners, tiles, enhanced entries, keywords, preferential listing/search results, and traditional printed ads.

Marketing Consultancy

Our 30 year plus marketing based experience enables us to provide a highly cost effective project resource, e.g. in development of websites or planning of corporate strategy we can provide a valuable independent perspective. This marketing perspective informs our PR role with ongoing clients and enables us to undertake broader projects, perhaps linked to Lean Manufacturing, Marketing Budget Planning, International Group Development etc.


ID-Marketing has been providing a free-at-point-of-publication service for over 20 years and works with a range of associates. We have an established and proven method of working which our clients clearly value. Further associations are continuously being sought, either with suppliers or with similar businesses seeking to optimise their own service with a synergistic relationship.