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PR Agency advises slow burn continues through the downturn

Industrial P.R. agency ID-Marketing have seen it before explains M.D. Ian Deavin “of course each cycle of downturn and recovery is different from the last, but similar characteristics appear over time. One of these is the longevity of industrial products, their markets and the continuous drip-drip nature of successful promotion. P.R. with its regular spread of valuable information to engineers and buyers alike exactly fits the requirements of such a cyclic industry pattern. As a process it is effective enough for companies to base their promotion on, and cheap enough to maintain through downturns and crises. This underpins long-term growth while being completely flexible and can be ramped-up to accommodate specific corporate marketing criteria.”

The new agency website at www.id-marketing.co.uk expands on this subject giving insights gained over some 30 years of marketing technically related industrial products. As a marketing professional Ian has seen industrial promotion from both sides on many occasions over 30 years and has a record of “practicing what he preaches”, whether as a client or a “P.R.”. Visitors to the ID-Marketing blog may glean some basic simple principles that transcend the publishing changes from print to the internet.