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Home News When the upturn happens – it happens fast!

When the upturn happens – it happens fast!

Client’s tell P.R. and Content Marketing agency, ID-Marketing that last year was down – but that this year turned around so fast that last year’s business level has already been exceeded to the point of even exceeding previous recent levels.

So just like the stock market portfolio which crashed so dramatically some 18 months ago and have since more than recouped their value – so have the fortunes of prudent suppliers in manufacturing industry.

Prudence in this case is explained by ID-Marketing M.D. Ian Deavin as: “Prudent companies in our experience not only take care of their cash flow and their customers, they also take care of new business during a downturn, ensuring that they are exposed to new opportunities and in a position to capitalize on weaknesses demonstrated by competitors not so prepared for cyclic business.”

“Prudent management” explains Ian Deavin “manages all its investments from stock to staff to machinery to promotion. It has been demonstrated in this recent economic cycle that good management of resources/investments, including promotions, can significantly reduce losses on the way down as well as a company’s rebound capacity and speed of re-growth. At ID-Marketing we believe this goes a long way to explaining the recent levels of business presently being experienced by many companies in the manufacturing sector.